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Have you recently felt a boost of energy when it comes to your writing? After spending the entire summer retrograde, Mars, the planet of action, is direct in your house of career and public recognition, giving you a sense of direction.

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You get a boon with a full moon in your sign on October 24th. Full moons in our signs are often energetic boosts, with full moons being a time of release and completion. Use this energy to bring an existing project to its realization, or to release things or people in your creative life that are no longer serving you. Since the moon is in Taurus, the body, senses, and themes of nourishment and growth may be involved.

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Uranus, the planet of rebellion and change, shifted from Aries to Taurus earlier in the summer, so you may have been feeling some sense of dissonance around the self and identity. However, on November 6th, Uranus retrogrades back into Aries for one last cull of your house of rest and spirituality. Review your practices around self-care: what served you well this summer during eclipse season and retrogrades, and what made you feel more tired?

You, especially, need time to care for and connect with your body. For the last year, Jupiter has been transiting your house of committed partnerships, bringing you a newfound sense of how you want to commit to people: how you want to invite people to partner with you, personally and professionally.

The people in our lives affect our work, affect our schedules, affect our emotional states, can even affect what we write about. This transit, however, is coming to a close. On November 8th, Jupiter, planet of expansion, is taking a deep dive into your house of intimacy. Get ready for some deep emotional depths: thinking about inheritance in many forms, about connection with folks in many forms. Make a list.

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Friends, family, lovers. Your therapist; your writing group. Choose one person, and write them a letter. A thank you letter, an angry letter. What's Your Author Horoscope? With the planets finally going direct, your creative drive and curiosity is unstoppable. Mars, planet of action, is finishing a trip through your house of publishing, travel, and long-term plans. If you spent the summer revising and reviewing projects while Mars was retrograde, now is the time to put those plans into action, to lay track for the train that is coming.

These big plans are supported by other transits in the sky. On October 1st, Pluto, planet of transformation, stations direct. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, a sign known for building empires. Pluto is currently in your house of intimacy, allowing you to do some deep emotional work for those big projects, laying a strong foundation for how you ground yourself. Meanwhile, Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, is going through your house of daily habits and work.

Also hanging out in your house of daily habits and work? Venus in Scorpio, which is retrograde and consequently asking you to consider what is serving you in your creative life. How do your daily habits and routines serve your creativity? Not everyone writes every day, but how do you take care of your life and your body in a way that supports your creativity? Now is a time to review your schedule, your diet, your fitness: the ways that you run that make your mind run. On October 31st, Venus retrogrades further back into Libra and your house of creative inspiration and imagination, which inspires you to reconsider how you find the magical in the everyday.

You have a full moon in your house of self and identity on November 23rd. Write out what a typical workday looks like for you, or what a typical not-working day looks like for you. Now, write out how you would actually like to be spending your time: on working days and on off or weekend days.

What does an ideal schedule look like? How can you feed and nurture yourself creatively, even in the everyday? You may be breathing a bit easier after a summer of retrogrades and heavy eclipses, one of which was in your sign, in your house of self and identity, asking you to do some cleaning house. But more eclipses will be coming in in your houses of self and identity Cancer , as well as of committed partnerships Capricorn.

One of the big stories in the sky this autumn is Venus, planet of beauty and art and culture, which is retrograde until November 16th. However, she is blessing your house of creative expression and inspiration. Feed Venus in Scorpio with shadowy inspirations: offbeat museums, hole-in-the-wall restaurants, the dark and abject and hidden. Venus retrogrades further back into Libra and your house of family and home on October 31st. Bless it with beautiful touches.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, is also transiting your house of creative expression and inspiration. Same old project, same routine. Now is a time to take advantage of the direct energy in the sky and really sort through your motivations, Cancer. The eclipses this summer rocked your houses of self and identity, of committed partnerships: much of the story for you this year has been on how your relationship to yourself and to the important folks in your life informs your work.

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He is finally direct, barrelling forward, bringing people in and out of your life personally and professionally. Long-term, committed creative partnerships may be highlighted for you this fall, whether that looks like a writing group, editor, agent, or other creative relationship.

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Meanwhile, for the last year, Jupiter has been journeying through your house of family, home, and nesting. Venus has also recently entered Scorpio and this particular house, bringing an extra bounty of love and beauty to this part of your life. On November 8th, Jupiter jumps into Sagittarius, which for you is your house of creative energy and inspiration.

Here, Jupiter is playful, energetic, flirtatious, and extraverted. Look for opportunities to go out with your creative friends and to spark inspiration by going out and being your big, beautiful, bold Leo self. Happy Birthday, Virgo! Jupiter, planet of expansion, has spent the past year in your house of communication and short-term plans, boosting your energy around a variety of creative projects. Venus, planet of love and beauty, also recently entered this house, offering you an extra burst of interest and inspiration.

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About the Writer. One of the first things I do is flip to my horoscope, which is: Virgo Aug.

Cheers to more self-love, happiness and awesomeness. I think most people are somewhere on a spectrum to "aware it is absurd and just having fun with it" to "fully convinced but aware that a great deal of the population isn't. I agree with To go back to your example, if someone says something like "Cancer men are all trash" it's totally okay to say something like "Using an arbitrary system in order to disregard people is I am a total non-believer and have always been annoyed by and dismissive of discussions of astrology, but I remember the day a few years ago when my work team was all startled to find out that many members were devoted fans of a specific astrologer, people I had all assumed were really non-woo, including the straight male Chinese head of analytics and the really hard-core, hard-nosed, 90s hip-hop purist head of mobile products.

I also remember it being a very bonding moment when suddenly we weren't all colleagues, we were people who were now talking about how those horoscopes helped in hard weeks, or brought hope or new ways of thinking during long slogs in dating hell or family trouble or career doubts. I was amazed at the power of astrology as a conversation tool to be an be an effective entry point, to quickly open up a personal, shared and comfortably confessional space so quickly in a way that our working together for a few years had not.

People don't want to talk astrology with me, they want to get to know me and understand me. That framing is less annoying for me anyway posted by sestaaak at AM on March 13 [ 5 favorites ]. I have the same problem, and to be honest, I find it both irritating and not at all harmless when people are saying stuff like "oh you shouldn't date whoever because [they were born in November and this makes them bad]", it's gross, plus I have anxiety and my poor hindbrain gets scared when people talk about Mercury retrograde and all.

Just like religion, I don't do or say anything about it most of the time casual comments or whatever , unless it's coming up very frequently, they're attempting to impose it on me, or they're using it to discriminate against people--which, honestly, isn't most astrology people. If they are in this group, though, I feel fine muting them online and minimizing interaction with them in person.

There are probably other people holding their tongues, too, so if you can do the equivalent of tweeting something like "hey [area] queers, if you're also allergic to astrology hit me up [friendly emoji]", you may find a bunch of other people who'd be relieved to not be swimming in this stuff all the time.

Somebody alluded to this above and I'm going to muse on it a little bit more because it's something I've had to figure out for myself: queer people have a complicated relationship with categories and labels, and the astrology thing is related to that. I've totally noticed the increase of astrology-and-adjacent statements and ideas when I'm in a more openly queer space.