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Descendant sign: What is the meaning? Date, Time and Place of Birth :. The ascendant sign can be found in the first astrological house and is indicated by the intersection of the ecliptic. You can either use an online calculator or the Table of Houses to calculate the angles of the ecliptic at the time you were born, along with the geographical latitude of your place of birth. Once you have all of the necessary information, you have exactly what you need to calculate your ascendant sign and learn more about yourself.

Check out your daily horoscope. Our ascendant signs act as complimentary pieces of astrological information to the 12 zodiac signs. Our Astrologists also believe that our rising sign is linked to our physical appearances. Our rising sign calculator reveals your sign and how your personality is influenced by it.

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This reasoning helps explains why lots of people struggle to find similarities between their personalities and the zodiac sign stereotypes. When people describe you, they typically refer to character traits which apply to this side of your personality. Thanks to our rising sign calculator, you have everything you need for an intense look into your personality.

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Your rising sign is associated with your 1st house in astrology on your chart. Having this information gives you the most accurate reflection of your personality and reveals how other people see you. If you are wondering how to find out your descendant sign, it can be found opposite your rising sign.

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The descendant sign emphasizes what you lack and points out what you need to learn in order to move forward in life. When it comes to relationships however, the descendant sign is very influential and impacts your expectations in love. If so, these horoscopes are going to interest you! Aries ascendant, your spontaneity is charming and adds a touch of excitement to your personality. Your calm and wise behavior always helps you get out of tough situations.

When it comes to communication, the Taurus ascendant is amazing and knows exactly how to express their ideas. The Taurus ascendant gets along best with Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn. You love being connected and socializing with other people is most definitely your thing! Although, you get bored very easily and have trouble focusing on things.

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The truth is your curious mind gets distracted very easily and you lack the maturity you need to concentrate. The Gemini ascendant gets on best with Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.

You are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep the people close to you happy and safe. You understand people and find it quite easy to make new friends. You are hugely sensitive and are the most affected ascendant when astrological instances like the New Moon or Full Moon take place. You like keeping yourself in good shape and pushing your body to the limits. The Cancer ascendant gets on best with Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces. Loyalty is important The Leo rising loves shining brightly and showing off their talents.

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Having fun and being the center of attention are all important to the Leo ascendant. You are highly loyal but often have trouble putting your trust in other people. The Leo ascendant find lots of common ground with Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius. A real hard worker The Virgo rising is one of the most complicated and temperamental amongst the signs, even the slightest inconvenience could send Virgo spinning into a tantrum. You take everything to heart and are extremely affected by changes in your environment. You love setting yourself objectives and working hard to achieve them.

Your determination and motivation are second to none, for you nothing is impossible. The good news for the Virgo ascendant is that physically you appear to be younger than your age. The Virgo ascendant gets on best with Pisces, Capricorn and Taurus. A peace lover The Libra rising loves to live in harmony and focuses on creating a peaceful environment.

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The Libra ascendant often has lots of professional success, although romantically things are slightly more complicated. The Libra ascendant is very indecisive which is why relationships are so difficult for them. The Air signs get on well with Libra. Opening yourself up and letting yourself be vulnerable is tough for you and if people want to get to know you, they really have to work hard. The Scorpio ascendant gets on best with Taurus and Cancer. These two signs have what it takes to understand your complex character. A shining star The Sagittarius rising has an amazing mind that is open and ready to learn.

You have a really active mind and feel need to constantly be on the move. When you are forced to focus and properly concentrate you often quickly get bored. Numbers 2, 4, 5 and 8 are so-so whereas numbers 1 and 7 are inimical. The natives come under the influence of days, dates, months and years related to the said friendly, inimical and neutral numbers. Italian coral is lucky gem.

According to Cheiro, people with radical number 9, remain quite friendly with numbers 3, 6 and 9 i. The latter types too reciprocate in equal measure. But, number 9 carries some particular traits. It is the only number which when multiplied by any number gives product 9.

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For instance, if multiplied by 2, 9 gives 18, sum total of which is 9. This is applicable in all instances and we get 9 only. All shades of red and pink are favourable colours for these people. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays are important for them. But, Tuesday, being the day of Mars, is more important. The natives should start their projects on 9th, 18th and 27th of a month.

In case these dates fall between 21st of March to April and in between 21st October to November, they prove to be more auspicious and effective. Numbers 3 and 6, friendly to radical number 9, have certain important dates like 3, 6, 12, 15, 21, 24 and 30, which are favourable for the people having 9 as their radical number as well.

Ruby, Garnet, etc. They should wear these gems in such a way that the touch their body for better result. In all calculations of mystic sciences, numbers 7 and 9 are considered to most important.

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Number 7 is related to spiritualism. It is recognized as creative power of God or the earth. Being a creator, it has ambition of growth, so that very soul of humanity may be enhanced. But, contrary to this, number 9 symbolizes Mars, in planet-cycle, which in its various forms indicates physical prowess.

Therefore, it is related to mundane affairs. According to Sapharial, natives having 9 as their radical number vibe well with number 1. They get attracted to 2, 3 and 6 whereas number 7 is reverse. Numbers 4, 5 and 8 behave evenly with them. Tuesdays are most favourable for them. Kundli is the basis of Vedic Astrology and acts as the astrological chart to calculate the future of an individual.

But, with evolving technologies, our path to attain the truth has deviated too! Worried about your career prospects? Are you spending countless nights lying awake thinking if you choose the right company or is your labour worth the money that you are earning?! There's a myriad of problems in our life, with some ranging from mild ones that have made a home for themselves in the back of our mind, to the ones who have earned the top spot in our list.

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