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But so long as times are good, Leo man Capricorn woman compatibility can work surprisingly well. During the more difficult times in life, however, the strain could easily become too much. The Capricorn woman is prone to depression at points in her life , and this is hard for the Leo man to deal with. The long term hopes for Leo man Capricorn woman compatibility are good…but only until the bubble bursts. Ready to discover the real potential of your relationship? Take our free "Star Sign Compatibility Quiz" to instantly reveal your compatibility score!

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Leo Man and Capricorn Woman. How Compatible Are You?

Your Details are Never shared. One partner may be is insensitive towards the other partner feelings. You are likely to go through a major loss due to which you may have to begin all over again. So avoid doing business with other sun signs. In case of partnership in business it may not go well and you may have to shut down the work or start with doing other project.

There may be hidden danger that one of you may not be aware of which may change things to a great extent.

Libra dating leo. Libra Man Personality Traits, Love Compatibility, and Dating Advice

Someone may deceive you or may lie to you. Too much of centeredness may not help you out.

Aries and Leo Nature and Nuances

You may not be able to balance the opposite forces properly. Family support may be there but they may be too dominating or very straight forward in what they think or do. Family may be quite practical or may be little blunt in their communication.

Gemini & Leo: Love Compatibility

If you are looking to know about the compatibility between you and your chosen to-be-partner, then this report is meant for you. In this report, a detailed matchmaking between the to-be-couple will be done, which will show physical, emotional and financial compatibility.

With this consultation, you can also know the worst problems you may face in your marital life in advance. Good locales for them are elegant and understated, but they might meet through colleagues or at a conference. Both are drawn to classy places and top-shelf spirits. Leos in love are proud, fun-loving, and big on celebrations. Both are confident in their way. They each sense something solid there, a possibility to build compatibility and an enduring bond. Capricorn is an earth sign that magnetizes what it wants through sheer force of its persona.

The Sea Goat will be observing carefully to see how the Lion responds to its demands.

Leo woman personality traits and characteristics

A Capricorn is a sign of authority, the top of the heap, and the one who delegates downward. This can cause friction if the Goat tries to make the Lion a junior partner.

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The Lion is equally ambitious and willful. Like Capricorn, Leo is willing to put in sustained effort to achieve goals. As business partners, they vie for the mantle of leader.