January 2 astrology

Some Famous Capricorns That Share Your Sign!

It is important that you now feel you are making your mark in a worthwhile and permanent manner. You need that sense of long-range purpose.

You must expect the field of ideas to become something of a battleground, perhaps because neither you nor your partners are prepared to reach a compromise. By all means stand your ground, but not at the expense of a valued relationship. Loved ones may imagine that you can be manipulated, but how wrong they are. Like everyone else, when pushed too far you react with surprising power, obliging friends and associates to take you seriously.

There is no final reason why it should be you who climbs down or eats humble pie, but you must realise that there is little chance that you will win the day through force. Turn on the charm if you want to get your own way. You are now poised to implement some quite remarkable changes at work, or in your routine affairs. One thing is certain, though; the consent and assistance of friends and partners is absolutely essential. Phone Divination c. Business Divination d. Face to Face Divination.

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Your business acumen will be praiseworthy today. Towards evening you will reap the benefits of all those good deeds that you may have done in the near past. Your rung in the social ladder just went higher today. But be wary of green-eyed monsters and ill words. Fight tooth and nail — if necessary — to protect our reputation, says Ganesha.


But also learn to find your enemies' Achilles's heel and target it ferociously. The day may pan out to be more challenging than you had anticipated. An independent free bird as you Archers are, you may find really it irritating to find your hands tied up in unpleasant money matters. But, then that's a part of life; put in your best to overcome any situation you come across. Your efforts shall help you gain economic independence.

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Take other challenges head on too. The secret, says Ganesha, lies in diligence, optimism and tonnes of patience. If you are an engineer, you will consider about investing your money in your dream project or a business venture. For sports person, today will be a favourable day for health and wealth, foresees Ganesha. Make every step ahead wisely, otherwise you will have much to regret when something goes wrong.

January 2 Birthday Astrology

Socially, you will build a stronger reputation, says Ganesha. You are a polished diamond. Adversities come and go, yet you remain unruffled. Today, you manage to please your boss, and beloved, and that is a feat! It is yet another day of contentment. And in a cyclical process, this again rejuvenates you into giving your best, says Ganesha. You will bump into an old friend or a distant relative today.

January 2 Birthday Horoscope — Zodiac Sign Personality

This rendezvous may be with a person who you were close to long ago and it will warm your heart with nostalgia. You might contemplate taking a break from your daily grind to spend sometime to rekindle your childhood memories or visit your hometown. Don't let the nostalgia overwhelm you as it may make you ignore the tasks at hand and cost you heavily, suggests Ganesha.

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