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Jesse Lifson on Twitter: "Who you should vote for in Most luckiest zodiac signs in Chinese Horoscope , , , , , , Libra Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed! There is a lot of value reworking running continuously through this incoming year.

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There may be incoming money from work done in the past and there could be a bonus or promotion connected to your work and career…a bonus or promotion that has been hard earned. Jupiter spend January through part of August adding its support and its excesses to your work, career and connection with the public. While these are good natured transits it is also easy to over-do it, to take on too much, to feel almost super human when considering possibilities, objectives and offers.

The support of influential others is almost a given but stay extremely thankful and be ready to give that support back when it is needed. In mid-August Jupiter moves into your house of friendships and shared goals.

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New friends and the rebuilding of old friendships are all possible. Sharing an ideal brings in the most heart warming camaraderie and companionship. Become the kind of friend you want to have in your life. It is still affairs of the heart and creativity which see the touch of Uranus and its need to change things in your life so that they ultimately work better for you.

This year, however, the definition is more on love and intricacies involved there. Cosmic crushes and celestial flings…soul-mate magic and destiny like meetings can flash to life at just about anytime.


Uranus brings sudden things to light and can remove them just as quickly. Give any new feelings, new attraction time to settle down before jumping in…and think twice or three times before acting out impulsively. Neptune is the dream weaver and it is sharing the spotlight with Uranus on the love and romance stage.

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Neptune requires inner clarity before it makes outer possibilities clear. Enchanting moments and hazy liaisons can be everything they seem to be…but it is better to constantly search for the boundaries between fantasy and reality and at least keep both in sight. The stirring magic if Neptune creates a sweetness that is gentle but often subtle.

Believe in what your intuition tells you only if you can also back it up intellectually and logically.