Lunar eclipse january 16 2020 astrology leo

On top to the deep psychological examination that the conjunction with Pluto brings, heavy lies the burden of responsibilities.

Mars enters Scorpio

Work versus family life. This Venus — Saturn opposition reinforces the theme of detachment in our relationships but does not yet herald the split or the breaking up. It is the recognition of the stagnation, of the boundaries in affection and love. The difficulty to reach out. Financial problems may also befall those hit close by this eclipse. While money cannot be made out of thin air, the emotional shortage can at least be prevented. Get out of the Moon — Pluto — Saturn zone and reach on the other side of the chart to the Sun conjunct Venus.

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There is help there. Reflect as Mercury retrogrades from Leo into Cancer:. Its sextile to Saturn is constructive belief and grounded faith. Its trine to Venus is devotion and devout.

January Astrology Predictions – Part One | Jessica Adams

This devout feeling or the very faith in the value of yourself, gives the needed rebirth Pluto to the emotions Moon. Ii is a baptism in faith Neptune. Use Astrology. Pluto conjunct Moon in Capricorn — in its positive expression. This eclipse is monumental in the way it reshapes our emotional centre in the areas it affects in the chart. Yeats would have said. The eclipse is difficult highlighting issues relative to the houses and the planets it falls on in the natal chart, for Aries, Cancer, Libra Signs, especially those mentioned in the start of the article.

It is empowerment through increased pressure and responsibilities for Capricorn Signs ,especially those mentioned in the start of the article.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

It is a revisiting of the past or the past re — appearing in the form of persons or situations mostly for Leo and Scorpios and to a lesser extent for Aquarius. Continue on here to see how this eclipse will affect us on a mundane level. Dear readers, this is costly, therefore Cosmos needs your help to continue to provide for you, not only the best content, but also a smooth and fast reading experience. Not there yet.

As you may know, there will be a full moon in the sensual sign of Taurus on Nov. Radiating with abundance and exalted working at its full potential in the sign of the bull, this Venus-ruled lunation will shed light on our deepest desires.

For this full moon, t hink back to the New Moon in Taurus that took place this past May. Despite its Plutonian intensity and wicked reputation, the new moon in Scorpio is swirling with paranormal possibility, and powers of manifestation.

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Full moons are revealing, climatic and emotionally-liberating, and this is especially true with the moon traveling through a powerhouse cardinal fire sign like Aries. What is Libra?


On Sept. ET, seductive Venus — the alluring goddess of the cosmos and planet of love — pirouetted her way into luscious Libra which also happens to be her sign of rulership. This, of course, will feel like a breath of fresh air and for a number of reasons.